"Man in the Landscape" Tracking Tour

In Harmony with the Nature

Length: 66.3 km

Treetop Walkpath of Alsóvadácsi (Süttő Area)

Walk at the Heights of the Bird Nests

Length: 73 m

Bicycle Education Path of "Által-ér" (Tata-Vértesszőlős-Tatabánya)

Cycling Along the Bank of an Ancient River

Lenght: 13,8 km

"Fényes" Education Path (Tata)

Keep Your feet dry in the magical Water World

Lenght: 1,1 km

Old Lake (Öreg-tó) Round Walk

The Jewel of Tata

Lenght: 7,1 km

"Forrás" Springs Education Path (Tata)

Considering Times Way Before the Washing Machines..

Lenght: 311 m

"Réti Tavak" Lakes Field Education Paths (Tata)

How deep is the "Bottomless Lake"?

Lenght: 1,2 km

Education Path of Malomvölgy (Tardos Village)

""Csigás Márvány" (Ancient shaped) Red Marble

Lenght: 1,6 km

Geological Garden (Tata)

Natural Collection of Rocks - Verticum of Gerecse's Significant Stones

Lenght: 406 m

"Aggófű" Education Path (Tata)

'Aggófű' is such a wonderful and rare plant, may be hardly found elsewhere

Lenght: 341 m

"Angolkert" - English Garden in Tata

Romantic Walk in the 'City of Waters'

Lenght: 790 m

Eco Village (Agostyán)

The Nature knows just better...

Lenght: 1400 m

Arboretum (Neszmély)

Have a Nice Walk among Cedars and Sequoias!

Lenght: 1,3 km

"Kőpite T" - Kőpite Rock (Dunaalmás)

Looking Around the World.. Communing with Myself in My World

Lenght: 2,7 km

"Kőpite T" - Kőpite Rock (Dunaalmás - Szomód)

2000 year old road

Lenght: 3,2 km

"Kőpite T" - Csúcshegy (Dunaalmás)

Fern Verticum in the "Ebgondolta" Forest

Lenght: 2 km

"Kőpite T" - Les-hill (Szomód)

What is the origin of the name of Les-hegy?

Lenght: 2 km

Szent-kút Education Path (Bajót Village)

Crystal Spring Waters.. Serious Pilgrima Silence.. Heights of the Eagles' Flights..
Lenght: 2,6 km

"Hosszúvölgy" - Long Valley Education Path (Kocs)

Frozen Secrets from the Ice Age

Lenght: 1,9 km

Caveman's Site (Vértesszőlős)

Samu the Caveman

Lenght: 283 m

"Turul" Statue and Millenium Education Path (Tatabánya)

Historical Memory of the Seven Millenial Monuments

Lenght: 102 m

Education Path of Vince Ranczinger (Tatabánya)

Lovely View from the Top of the 30m High Mine Tower

Lenght: 889 m

"Szelim" Cavehole and Geologic Education Path (Tatabánya)

The Place where Miners acted Cavers

Lenght: 361 m

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